ZX Spectrum 128k +2 UK sn 045779

Model: ZX Spectrum 128k +2 UK sn 04577 Year made: 1986/week 43 Serial number: 045779 From: UK Status: all working Collection: IN COLLECTION Mods: – Nothing fancy apart this one is issue 1 board and UK made (comparing to Taiwan made that were made after short run of UK made of this model).

Just Speccy 128k

The very first thing I want with in review series is Just Speccy 128k. Just Speccy is ZX Spectrum 128k clone done by Piotr Bugaj known as zaxon. Piotr is well know maker of many interfaces for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad and many more computers also making own clone of ZX Spectrum 128k and Amstrad CPC6128….